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Why Does The Store Close

Why Does The Store Close Down?

As a one man company, I get to be my own boss, make all the decisions and make all the things I've ever wanted to make.  The flip-side of that is that I am the only one here to get everything made and cast up once orders are placed.

Mad Robot has continued to grow and get busier over the last year, much busier than I ever thought it would. The reality is that there is now a 1 week delay on all new orders. Orders tend to come in so quickly that they get backed up in no time.  If you order something on a Monday, I will not even start on it until the following Monday.

That gets frustrating for me, I do not like to take someones money when I can't get to their orders in a timely fashion. That's why I close the shopping cart down during the week. You can still browse and check prices but it allows me to turn of sales for a few days while I try to get caught up on back orders.

I am considering the short term future and I am thinking of hiring some help and possibly moving into a bigger location but for now, closing the store every few days is the only solution I can come up with.  I am grateful for each and every customer and I hope you will enjoy what you buy from Mad Robot.

If you have questions about what I do or things you'd like to see come out in the future, you can always email me.

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