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Mad Robot Miniatures is a one man operation and, because of that, I must wear many hats. With rare exceptions orders are cast and shipped in the order in which they are received. It's important for folks to understand that evreything is cast to order. I keep no stock on hand, apart from the Galahad Battle Tank.  As of 2019, things have picked up to the point that there is now a permanent 3-4 week delay before I will get to an order. That means that if you order on a Monday, it might be 3-4 weeks until I even start to cast your order. Once I start it, it usually takes a day or so to complete and then it is set aside for shipping. Orders over $100 will have an extra day or two added to that.  Major holidays may also delay things by a few days.

Shipping happens twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. When an order is shipped, an automated email is sent telling you about the the status change to "shipped". International orders can find tracking info in the PayPal transaction. US tracking info is available upon request, just shoot me an email.

All that should exlpain what's behind some perceived delays and help to alleviate any fears that something may have gone wrong with your order. I think the system I have in place is pretty good and my hope/goal is that you will be pleased with what you purchase...even if it does arrive a few days later than expected.  I am including this info here so you can plan appropriately for your projects. I am always just an email away if you have questions.

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