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Fantastic Fit in the Range
by: Jake Mathis

Wednesday 23 November, 2016

These are great minis, they manage to bridge the gap between the old school pewter mono pose troops of the "3rd" age with the more huge giant bubble head fellows from the "5th" age, and the growing "true" scaled of today.Lets face it, the scale is the scale, and no mater what your own guys look like, they will still have to stand next to your opponents stock scaled minis.

The hands and guns are thinner, but still fit. the heads still are 'heroic' but more nuanced and and much more realistic set in the torso. Mixing with "plastic" sets is doable, but lets remember those bubble heads Gaurding the Gate are holding guns that are scaled for "marines". go ahead, look at the few cross-over weapons. Exactly the same. These guns are realistically much thinner, but they still have similar outline and length to keep things coherent.

TLDR; melta guns and autocannons!

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