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Requiem takes place on Earth but this version of Earth is much different from the world you know today. About 100 years have passed since "The Event" happened and the effects of that calamity have begun to surface all over the globe. Creatures have mutated, weather patterns are different, the physical make up of the environment has fundamentally changed. Lush green forests have become lush purple forests. Mushrooms that grew a few inches tall now grow dozens of feet tall. The shell of "what was" is still here; buildings still stand but most are crumbling and overgrown. Large cities are more like literal concrete jungles at this point. It is essentially a new world. This radical change has caused the recovery of humanity to stifle and it seems fairly obvious that things will never quite return to the way they were. In spite of these setbacks, humanity has made some progress.

Accompanied by their warband, the player is out to seek their fortune in the wastelands, playing through adventures and encountering all the wild environments, creatures, and characters that await them.

Summary of mechanics...
  • Solo-play, skirmish level miniatures game, played in a narrative style
  • Small model count, miniatures agnostic...use whatever figures you like
  • D6 based, no other dice required
  • Charts for various outcomes
  • Simple stats and stat tests to accomplish tasks
  • Rules are easy to learn and don't get in the way of the story
  • Character advancement with skills and mutations
  • Settlement mode, you're in charge now
  • Includes intro adventure "Wide Open"

You can purchase a downloadable PDF from Wargame Vault by CLICKING HERE

You can find the Requiem Fallout Shelter Facebook Group by CLICKING HERE

You can find the small but resiliant group of survivors on Discord by CLICKING HERE

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