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Lykan Sawtooths Rifle Squad


Lykan is a harsh, unforgiving planet. Its cold climate, rough terrain, and predatory fauna makes any life seem almost miraculous.  The original colonists were nearly wiped out generations ago, the survivors resorting to an almost feral existence.  In time, a new feudal civilization was born and their space-faring roots were completely forgotten.

When Colonial Defense Force scout ships discovered people on Lykan, they tried to recruit the populace to help stem the tide of an incursion by the Breen Empire.  The warriors of Lykan were unimpressed by the pulse rifles and energy swords of the CDF.  They were however very taken with the construction equipment on the support ships, in particular the power-saws. Imperial Engineers and Lykan Skalds soon worked together to craft weapons more fitting with the Lykan melee aesthetic. An alliance was soon forged.

The Lykan Sawtooths, under the command of Skald Jotuns have seen action all over the galaxy. Their tactics are brazen and their victories are the stuff of legends. Some have questioned the Sawtooths’ bold methods and noisy, smoke-belching chain weapons. But those people also do not realize that Lykans see stealth as cowardice, prefering their enemies to see them coming.  Few sights are as intimidating as watching unhinged berserkers, swinging chain-edged implements of death, ignore your supression fire and charge into your lines.

This is one squad of Lykan Sawtooth Rifle squad. The parts are made from resin and are 28mm heroically scaled. All the parts are fully modular and will also mix perfectly with any other Mad Robot parts or kits.

This squad is composed of the following:
-10 Heads
-10 Torsos
-10 Pairs of Bare Arms
-10 Pairs of Legs
-10 Rifles
-1 Special Weapon
-1 Set of Sgt Arms
-1 Tribal Totem

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Sculpted by the talented Ben Calvert Lee.

Massive credit goes to Brian Fortney for making this regiment come to life through his incredible concept art.  Brian, you really nailed this one!
A huge debt of gratitude to the Mad Robot Dev Forum: Roy, Brian, Luca, Gary, Alex, & CJ.  Thanks guys, this is what it's all about!

  • Model: LS-01
  • Shipping Weight: 0.4lbs

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Lykan Sawtooths Rifle Squad

Lykan Sawtooths Rifle Squad

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