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Colonial Defense Forces


In the minds of most spacefarers, the words "Colonial Defense Forces" conjure images of tough as nails elite soldiers with the skills and the training to get the job done. Known colloquially as The CDF, these rapid response troopers are collected from the best candidates from dozens of different worlds. Clad in advanced armor and armed with the latest in pulse-weaponry, the CDF are only called in whenever the stakes are high or when things look hopeless. They often form the first line of defense on the frontiers of colonized space.  If humans are threatened, the Colonial marines are always ready to stand in the gap.

As CDF platoons are made up of soldiers from diverse worlds with disparate cultures, it takes strong leadership to get them coordinated like a well-oiled machine. CDF Officers are known for their combination of harsh discipline and keen insight into the psyche of their troops. Being a member of the CDF means putting your life on the line on a daily basis, frequently while many light-years from home. It takes a strong will to handle that kind of job. There’s a reason the CDF are considered the best.

One of the most decorated CDF rapid response teams is the A-86 "Bug Stompers". During the Harook Wars, they were instrumental in liberating Persus IV. Harook forces had isolated and pinned down the Kurgan forces originally sent in. Under the cover of a meteor shower, CDF Gunnery Sergeant Apollo Mathews lead a small platoon of landers behind enemy lines and sabotaged the power generators at the Harook base. The resulting chaos cost Mathews an arm but it also gave the Harook enough of a distraction for the Kurgan to launch a counter-attack. The heavily-demoralized defenders fled. With the beachhead at Persus IV abandoned, the Harook no longer had a foothold in Federated space. The A-86 "Bug Stompers" essentially turned the tide in the Harook Wars.

This is one squad of Colonial Defense Force troopers. The parts are made from resin and are 28mm heroically scaled. All the parts are fully modular and will also mix perfectly with any other Mad Robot parts or kits.

Big thank you to Ben Calvert Lee for all the sculpting work. Digital rocks!

Contains the following:
-10 Heads
-10 Torsos
-10 Pairs of Arms
-10 Pairs of Legs
-10 Weapons
-10 Pairs of shoulder pads
-10 Shoulder Lamps
-1 Special Weapon
-1 set of Sgt Arms
-1 Heavy Gunner Upgrade

**Arms, weapons, and special weapons for this squad can be chosen from different options using the drop-down menus below.

PLEASE NOTE:  NEW options have been added for heavy armored troops as well.  Be sure to look through all your options, as there are many new ones to choose from.

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Colonial Defense Forces

Colonial Defense Forces

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