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28mm Heroic Sci Fi Figures

Item Name Product Image Model+ Price

Albion Rangers Rifle Team

Albion Rangers Rifle Team AR-01 $19.99

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Albion Rangers Tracking Team

Albion Rangers Tracking Team AR-02 $19.99

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Colonial Defense Forces

Colonial Defense Forces CDF-01 $39.99

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Crimson Pak Renegades

Crimson Pak Renegades CP-01 $39.99

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Renegade Squad Builder

Renegade Squad Builder CS-18 $39.99

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Caipari Urban Shocktroops

Caipari Urban Shocktroops CST-01 $39.99

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Dirty Dogs of Sarlok-7

Dirty Dogs of Sarlok-7 DD-01 $39.99

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DaNamian Jungle Fighters

DaNamian Jungle Fighters DJF-01 $39.99

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Grognard Lucky 87's

Grognard Lucky 87's GL-01 $39.99

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Haydon Commandos

Haydon Commandos HC-01 $39.99

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