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First Time Buyer

Sunday 07 January, 2018

Got my first order from Mad Robot.Really impressed with the quality of the casts.Superb selection on the site to choose from,to get a bit of variation in your Armies.Will be ordering more from this company in the very near future
Testimonial By: gordon smith — Killin, , United Kingdom

Best Bits Ever!

Sunday 22 October, 2017

I am a Tabletoper sine 1996 an i saw many Bitz an Miniatures. But your Products are from the quality, selection and price unbeatable.
I like your Products so much, I order your Products although i am living in Germany!
Testimonial By: Michael te Kamp — Kiel, SCN, Germany

Fantastic Bits

Tuesday 10 October, 2017

I've ordered several sets from Mad Robot including the Commissar kit, a set of arms, a few sets of hands, and some weapons. The delivery was priced well and while I did have to wait it was no where near as bad as ordering from overseas. The parts are really nice! They work great with the Imperial Guard but also work great solo. Plus it's very fun to mix-and-match parts to make your own regiments!

I can't recommend Mad Robot Miniatures enough. They have a great selection of parts for those that want to add a little more flair to their Guard or make up their own and great customer service. I'm going to be a returning customer, that's for sure!
Testimonial By: Grant Hover — Roswell, GA, United States

Bloody Brilliant!

Monday 11 September, 2017

I can not express how bloody amazing it has been dealing with Mad Robot Miniatures. First of all, once I got my tax, I went on a spending spree, ended up being close to 400 Australian Dollary-doos, but I didn't care, as the product looked amazing. Then the next monday, or the monday after, some new parts came out that I just had to have. Made the order using my loyalty points from my previous spending spree, and asked if they could combine the two orders. They were on it like a magpie on a cyclist in Springtime. I think it even got upped to first class, which was right bonza. Ripper of a webstore for all your mini needs, I can tell you that much right now.
Testimonial By: Alex Priscina — Lavington, NSW, Australia

Long time quest

Thursday 07 September, 2017

Just received my package today. I m extremly pleased with the quality of these handmade minies ! I dreamed for a long time to make a 80ies action movie themed imperial guard army. Now that dream came true you can find my painting in my basement for the next few years ;)

Thanks, Steve.
Testimonial By: Philippe — Angers, , France

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