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Feudal Conversion

Saturday 05 October, 2019

Ordered a couple of feudal heads (large kettle hats, barbutes, and sallets). Incredibly fine details and better sculpts than IG infantry from GW.
Testimonial By: Benjamin Thomsen — GA, United States

Steel Legion

Thursday 08 August, 2019

Excellent alternate Steel Legion miniatures. I didn't want to be locked into the old metal sculpts from GW, so the Shock Troop minis are an amazing alternative that allow for great and easy customization.
Testimonial By: Patrick O'Keefe

Great company

Friday 02 August, 2019

Simply put, WONDERFUL Customer support. Realized I forgot to order something a couple days later, one e-mail each and a quick paypal transaction, saved myself shipping...4th time I have ordered, never been disappointed
Testimonial By: Jason Wedel — Parshall, ND, United States

Perfect Beyond Reason

Sunday 16 June, 2019

I've ordered a Commissar kit from MRM before, but never bothered to try a full squad. After being burned a few times by a certain large-scale miniature company, I finally made the jump in with the Colonial Defense Force. Suffice it to say, the quality isn't even a concern anymore, as is with other resin products. I'll be ordering here again.
Testimonial By: Jarrod Helbein — Margate, FL, United States

great set of rough rider

Saturday 02 March, 2019

finaly found a full set of rough rider and the models are great. I dont think someone else can relese something to make me regret my choice with mad robot and im looking forward to add more rough rider to my army. Also i realy like those horse with gas mask great job.
Testimonial By: Paul chénier — Rigaud, QC, Canada

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