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Amazing service

Wednesday 04 December, 2019

I am attempting to make a Death Korps of Krieg army for 40k and was looking at some heads but I just wasn't sure if they were what I wanted. So I sent an email to Mr. Mad Robot and he got back within just a few hours and we sent a few emails back and fourth, all of which were responded to in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend giving your business to this amazing store!
Testimonial By: Ryan Denker — BEAVERTON, OR, United States

Cool Tonk

Sunday 01 December, 2019

Despite living across the Atlantic, I ordered a Galahad Fireball for my roster. It arrived in perfect condition with very few, if any, mould lines.

An excellent buy, my Traitor Guard had need of a grimdark Jagdpanther.
Testimonial By: Daniel Spratling — , United Kingdom

Feudal Conversion

Saturday 05 October, 2019

Ordered a couple of feudal heads (large kettle hats, barbutes, and sallets). Incredibly fine details and better sculpts than IG infantry from GW.
Testimonial By: Benjamin Thomsen — GA, United States

Steel Legion

Thursday 08 August, 2019

Excellent alternate Steel Legion miniatures. I didn't want to be locked into the old metal sculpts from GW, so the Shock Troop minis are an amazing alternative that allow for great and easy customization.
Testimonial By: Patrick O'Keefe

Great company

Friday 02 August, 2019

Simply put, WONDERFUL Customer support. Realized I forgot to order something a couple days later, one e-mail each and a quick paypal transaction, saved myself shipping...4th time I have ordered, never been disappointed
Testimonial By: Jason Wedel — Parshall, ND, United States

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